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Information technology

Aeroflot’s mobile app named the best in Russia by TAdviser

Aeroflot received the SAP Expanding Horizons Award for pioneering SAP Audit Management system in Russia

Aeroflot won the Wings of Russia National Airline Award in the E-Commerce category

In 2017, Aeroflot continued to build its IT platform, leveraging solutions from top IT companies. As at the year-end, almost 100% of the Company’s business processes were automated. Digital technology is embedded across all operating processes of Aeroflot to ensure passenger satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Aeroflot’s digital transformation has covered both internal processes such as management of the Company, aircraft maintenance, and information security, and customer journeys and experience, including ticket sales, website enhancement, and mobile app development.

The Group puts wider use of advanced IT technologies across all areas of its activities at the top of its agenda. In line with its framework document, Aeroflot Group’s IT Development Priorities for 2017–2020, approved by the Board of Directors of PJSC Aeroflot in 2017, the Company seeks to adopt new technologies and approaches to improve its operating performance and customer service while also driving the development of the entire global air transportation industry.

Key IT projects in 2017

Website and mobile applications Mobile application for passengers Aeroflot’s mobile app now provides an even better user experience. The app’s home screen was redesigned, with the app’s functionality significantly enhanced. Now passengers can look up the next available flight on the home screen, scan their national passport, do a check-in and purchase tickets with a single touch, as well as scan their bank card using Russian-made recognition technology. Moreover, the mobile app now shows weather and FX rates at the point of destination.
Travel Guide – an online tool to plan a trip The new Travel Guide section of the website helps passengers find key information on cities and countries they plan to visit. Information on flights is also available in the section.
Improved sales process Building a shared airline retailing environment under the NDC programme Aeroflot has implemented a milestone project to build an integrated airline retailing environment to the IATA’s NDC standard. Aeroflot received the highest, Level 3 status under the IATA’s NDC programme. Aeroflot’s NDC system already comprises travel metasearch engines SkyScanner, AviaSales, Momondo, Dohop, and Airinme.
Single payment platform In 2017, Aeroflot started to actively develop its programme to sell value added services to customers purchasing tickets. The programme enables Aeroflot’s customers to purchase flight and health insurance, rent cars, buy Aeroexpress tickets, and book hotels, with over 1.4 million insurance policies and 40 thousand Aeroexpress tickets sold since the programme’s launch. The value added services were also made available to customers who have already purchased their air tickets.
In-flight connectivity “On-Board Internet” In 2017, Aeroflot launched a programme to roll out in-flight Wi-Fi entertainment and Internet services in 81 Airbus A320 aircraft operated on medium hauls. The necessary equipment is already installed under the programme in six aircraft operated on medium-haul flights. In addition, in-flight Wi-Fi was made available on one Boeing 777 operated on long hauls.
Information security Enhancement of information security systems During 2017, Aeroflot upgraded its core information systems to comply with the statutory requirements for personal data protection. A project to establish a comprehensive cyber-security centre was launched.
Customer interaction management Multimedia Contact Centre Aeroflot is implementing an automated system to route and handle customer calls, enabling even faster and more effective responses through automatic distribution of calls among the Contact Centre operators. The system is already in pilot operation, with some Contact Centre and voice platform upgrades planned for 2018.
Customer interaction platform A new, specialist IT solution was deployed in 2017 to handle calls in different channels, ensuring their proper categorisation and routing. A special solution was also implemented to track the Company’s public image across social media, enabling inter alia feedback from opinion leaders including popular bloggers and journalists.
Aircraft maintenance services Integrated resource management system for ground handling services In 2017, Aeroflot implemented the RMS Inform suite, a resource management system for ground handling services and passenger transport operations. The RMS Inform solution has enabled the Company to streamline core business processes through effective allocation of tasks between employees and forward-looking resource planning.
AMOS automated MRO software solution AMOS will enable online collection of accurate, structured data on aviation and technical equipment inventories, orders, and invoices. Aeroflot has already deployed a significant number of AMOS modules, with plans to enhance the system’s functionality going forward. The AMOS solution has also been integrated with SAP ERP and legacy OPS systems. Cross-system synchronisation has enabled the Company to optimise its aircraft maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) monitoring processes.

Innovation-driven development

As a leading global airline, Aeroflot has a strong focus on implementing advanced and innovative technology and solutions across all areas of its activities. The Group has in place the Innovative Development Programme until 2025 which defines the key focus areas, activities, and KPIs for innovation.

The Programme is fully aligned with the requirements contained in relevant regulations and guidelines by federal executive bodies, and has been agreed with the relevant ministries and agencies, and approved by PJSC Aeroflot’s Board of Directors (Minutes No. 1 dated 25 August 2016). To oversee the implementation of the Programme, the Group set up the Committee for Innovative Development in 2016. Due to changes in subsidiary airlines organisation and the establishment of integrated Rossiya airline, the Group launched a process in 2017 to update the Programme.

The Programme has been incorporated into the Group’s overall strategy and aims at achieving technology leadership in the global aviation industry and sharpening the Group’s competitive edge on key operating and innovation performance measures.

Its key focus areas include automation of the Company’s operating processes, improved flight safety and building an integrated security and anti-terrorist system, along with improved environmental performance and energy efficiency. The Programme aims to improve labour productivity metrics and introduce advanced, powerful technologies including in information security. The Innovative Development Programme’s KPIs include reduced product costs, higher quality of services, energy savings, lower environmental footprint, and increased labour productivity.

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Key innovative projects in 2017

Construction of a new, completely unique for Russia, advanced hangar facility

Construction of Hangar 4 at Sheremetyevo airport to provide aircraft maintenance and repair services will drive efficiencies through streamlined maintenance operations and reduced aircraft maintenance downtime. Another benefit will be an opportunity to provide maintenance for Boeing 777-300ER aircraft that can’t fit into Aeroflot’s existing hangars. Hangar 4 is a unique facility which was granted a useful model patent for an Aircraft Maintenance Hangar. Its construction is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Development of a pilot hardware and software package for measurement and integral analysis of a sniffer dog’s physiological responses to objectivise dog inspection results

The project aims to improve safety and security by objectivising inspection results with main breeds of sniffer dogs. The solution roll-out will maximise efficient interaction between the security system’s biological and technical components in detecting various substances.

Development and deployment of a pilot version of an integrated information security system at Aeroflot

The project will help reduce the existing and mitigate potential risks of breach of data confidentiality, integrity, or accessibility. As part of the project, organisational and technical solutions were developed to ensure compliance with the requirements of state regulators related to information security including personal data protection.

Managing intellectual property rights

In 2017, the Group completed over 40 intellectual property management procedures, including obtaining trademarks, patents or certificates for software products primarily related to safety and security, training, and IT deployments.

Development of an intelligent diagnostics and prognostics system for Aeroflot fleet aircraft components and assemblies using Big Data approaches and tools

Aeroflot is implementing a project to develop a proprietary intelligent diagnostics and predictive maintenance system for aircraft. During 2017, research was carried out to enable failure prediction in aircraft components and assemblies for a limited number of fault conditions, resulting in a pilot system which comprised a set of software elements representing a number of prototype modules including mathematical prediction models.

Development and adaptation of a prototype automated IT system for flight crew professional training, to be commercially deployed at Aeroflot

The project aims to develop an online flight crew training and testing system facilitating the automation of corporate training processes. The prototype IT system for flight crew professional training was adapted in 2017.

One-stop-shop system enhancement

In 2017, Aeroflot implemented a one-stop-shop system to manage proposals for innovative solutions coming from SMEs and other potential partners in the Company’s innovation ecosystem. The system automates submission, processing, routing, and decision-making processes for innovative proposals.